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Bernola-Boxen L17
bernola L17.

The L17 by bernola packs a powerful punch behind its impressively elegant exterior, casting a spell on the listener with its clear, liberated, intricate and mighty sound. As you sit listening, the stage opens up in front of you, deep and wide — like cinema for your ears. Close your eyes and listen to the captivating tones.

With its handmade fullrange system from France and its carefully crafted casing made in Switzerland, the LB17 offers amazingly realistic playback and music you could almost reach out and touch — for 100% satisfaction with hours of listening pleasure guaranteed.

Built with the aim of bringing the live music experience into your own home. Learn more about the history and development of this extraordinary speaker directly from the manufacturer, where the L17 is ready and waiting for your inspection.

Recently tested by Mono and Stereo.